New Style Blinds and Curtains​

Since 1992, New Style Blinds and Curtains have been offering a flexible, specialised service to ensure you get the best advice. We also make it easy for you to speak with our consultants and view our products. ​

Arrange for one of our consultants to bring a 'mobile showroom' to you

We’re always happy to help in whatever way is most convenient for you to save you time and ensure you get the results you want.​

“Building a new home can result in many stresses but for us one of the bright lights was the blinds supplied by your firm and the exceptional service you gave us resulting in the pleasure we received from the final results they brought us.”

Paul Stuart – Rolleston

Custom measured, manufactured and guaranteed

We are committed to providing our customer with a fully customised service to ensure that our promise to you of ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ is fulfilled every time. 

Once you’ve spoken to one of our friendly consultants, you’ll understand the performance of different materials and styles. You will have some practical ideas for creating a harmonised and pleasing look throughout your home or business.

Wondering how to protect your window coverings during your repair or rebuild?

There are many types of blinds, curtains, materials and patterns on the market that making the right decisions for your home can feel overwhelming, that is where the New Style Team come in. At New Style Blinds and Curtains, we’ve been in the business of helping people make the best choice of customised window coverings for their home since 1992.​

Visit our showroom and factory​

Our guarantee to you is that you will be happy with our service and your finished product.


Phone us today on (03) 377 2198, or visit our showroom and factory at: 
14 Opawa Road, Waltham, Christchurch.


We’d love to hear about your project.

Take home samples to test how they look in your own home​

Have samples posted to your home​

We offer a complete service to remove all your curtains and blinds for the duration of your home repair or rebuild, then return and reinstall them to your home.


Phone us on (03) 377 2198 for more information.​

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