Terry Mora founded New Style Blinds and Curtains in 1992 and was joined shortly after by Don Moffat. Since the beginning they relied on a simple but effective approach: provide personalised service and quality product to every customer on every job.​

New Style Blinds and Curtains is a local success story that has grown from the support of its customers. Directors Paul O’Loughlin and Alina Mora are partners in life and in business. They have continued to develop this long-longstanding family-owned company, leading the way during very exciting times in the blind and curtain industry. 

Alina’s father Terry Mora sadly passed in 2016. He launched the company in 1992 in Wordsworth Street, and then was joined by partner Don Moffatt. He left a legacy of loyal customers and staff. He would be proud of where New Style Blinds and Curtains is today, and where it’s heading. 

The highly talented team have created the back bone of this close-knit company, with many having a tenure of over a decade. It’s an efficient, hands-on working environment with a family feel, that clients relate to. The outcome is exceptional custom-made solutions, from the showroom and factory floor which is all based at the same Opawa Road premises. The company can be accoladed for its gold mine of industry skills - creativity, practicality, quality and impeccable attention to detail - that only experience, professionalism, and a genuine passion for this industry can give.  ​

“Our vision for the future is to continue the New Style name in the Canterbury area. We are committed to continuing to create custom measured blinds and other window treatments for the discerning customer. It’s all part of a complete package of providing you with fully customised service to ensure that our promise to you of ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ is fulfilled every time.”

Paul O’Loughlin​


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